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Vison & Mission


The objective of the India Rehab Centre is to remove poverty and educate uneducated people in the country. Places in the country where the lack of education is increasing. This is all due to poverty. Garibi is not a curse, it is the second name of corrupt. If corruption from our country ends, then our country will not be poor. Some people are not able to get trapped in this cycle of poverty because some children cannot afford their education and move away from the path of education to increase the child's wages.

In this way women too are deprived of their rights and are limited to doing their family, so that they are deprived of education and the head of this family is trapped in poverty, which is struggling with the financial condition of their families. Nobody can pay attention to health. This effect also affects their future generations.


India Rehab Centre aims to provide health, education and women empowerment. 
To enable these tasks, our vision (team) has been fully completed. With the help of health camp, poor people can be provided, a free education center can be made for education, and women have their rights. To be able to get rid of the deadly disease like cancer, to achieve success through the cycle of poverty, it is a powerful power to bring about change in society. 
"We cannot change the world at one go, but efforts are the capital of success" 
If we have some assistance in changing the world with the help of some people, then it will be an inspiring start.